Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Wonderous World of Carbo Kid

Hello there, fellow friends. I bring to you a new and outstanding website full of all of your favorite things. You can send me songs of the day, write interesting poems or even stories, and much much more!!!
You can ask all types of questions here such as "What are Carbo Kids powers?" I will reply to those questions as soon as I can giving you direct answers like "Well, Carbo Kid is known to shot potatoes out her palms, spaghetti out of her finger tips, and bread stick through her wrists. However, she is also can fly, levitate different carbohydrates in the are, and form her body into any carbohydrate.
Yes, it is a wonderful world here in the Wonderous world of Carbo Kid. So come and leave a comment, tell me what you think, and state your favorite song for song of the day!
How knows, maybe you to could become Carbo Kid some day!
-Carbo Kid

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