Monday, March 2, 2009

New songs

This weekend I went to an awesome Mad Hatter dance party (is the Mad Hatter and dancing even related anyway?). While I was there I found these new awesome songs that everyone knows about already. The first on is Halo by Beyonce. This song is one of those that sends shivers down my spine like listening Happy Ending by Mika. I'm not a real Beyonce fan but this is one of my favorite songs for now.
Another great song is Pokerface by Lady GaGa. She is a bit too weird, but she has awesome dancing songs.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blogging is Tiring

I know its only been about one week, but blogging is a tiring thing. I mean I writing all of these post is a drag and I don't even received one comment which means no is reading it except me. I some ways I makes me feel like a loser but then I take another look at this. I mean its better than going on Myspace of Facebook.Those websites just absorb kids brains right up within a matter of minutes. One kid said to me "Your a blogger?" in a tone that I didn't like. I just said yes and kinda trailed but after thinking about, I saw that he was just on Facebook criticizing someones profile and being immature. But I, as a Blogger, am being mature by writing about my life to show the world who I am in a different way to Facebook or Myspace. I feel that Bloggers are more creative than myspacers or facebooker's and not as annoying. Oh well. Unfortunately, I am being taped into a Facebook world, and soon it will be mandatory for me to get on (school!). On the other hand, I will always have this blog.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Okay, so today I went to New York City to see Coraline (which is an excellent movie by the way), but that wasn't the only thing I saw.
So me and my family decided to get some awesome take-out food and looked online to find a good place to eat. We found this place called Porchetta that was voted best take out in New York City in Time Magazine. I stupidly decided not to go in for some reason or another. After a while, my mom and I saw three people walking down the street, one of them was pretty tall and wore a light brown coat. When my sister came back she started to say she saw David Monks, the lead singer of Tokyo Police Club (one of my favorite bands). As soon as I realized the people walking down the street were in Tokyo Police Club, I started to freak out!!! I cannot believe I saw him with my own eyes and he was not on stage performing one of his songs!!!!!!
Ahhh, I love David Monks. He is the second famous person I have seen in New York. I also saw Prince Harry walking into a hotel once, being hounded by paparazzi (but his huge ears can stand out in any crowd), but that wasn't as exciting as this!
-Carbo Kid (AKA: person who loves and saw David Monks)
P.S. I have more proof that it was him cause he was wearing this coat when he walked into the restaurant.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fake Nails and Coffee

Sooo, after having this blog about three days now, I feel like I am making much progress. I really am not but I believe I am. Any ways, since i haven't received any comments on topics some might like to discus, I am making this entry about fake nails and coffee. I will first start off with fake nails.
I have a love-hate relationship with faux-nails. When I first put them on, like I did earlier on in the day, I feel like I am on Broadway or something and I fit in. But after a while I get sick of them and kind embarassed that I'm wearing them. But they do hide that fact that I have ugly nails.
On to coffee. I don't know of I am special or something, but every time I drink coffee, I start to feel sick. I found this out the other day when I was at Starbucks. Since me and my sister were the last costumers of the night, we got FREE coffee. As soon as I smelled it though, it didn't meet my high expectations. So I ended up not drinking it. Awesomely enough, I still got the coffee for free and got a lesson in life. Carbo Kid's arch enemy is Coffee Woman.
-Carbo Kid

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Wonderous World of Carbo Kid

Hello there, fellow friends. I bring to you a new and outstanding website full of all of your favorite things. You can send me songs of the day, write interesting poems or even stories, and much much more!!!
You can ask all types of questions here such as "What are Carbo Kids powers?" I will reply to those questions as soon as I can giving you direct answers like "Well, Carbo Kid is known to shot potatoes out her palms, spaghetti out of her finger tips, and bread stick through her wrists. However, she is also can fly, levitate different carbohydrates in the are, and form her body into any carbohydrate.
Yes, it is a wonderful world here in the Wonderous world of Carbo Kid. So come and leave a comment, tell me what you think, and state your favorite song for song of the day!
How knows, maybe you to could become Carbo Kid some day!
-Carbo Kid