Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blogging is Tiring

I know its only been about one week, but blogging is a tiring thing. I mean I writing all of these post is a drag and I don't even received one comment which means no is reading it except me. I some ways I makes me feel like a loser but then I take another look at this. I mean its better than going on Myspace of Facebook.Those websites just absorb kids brains right up within a matter of minutes. One kid said to me "Your a blogger?" in a tone that I didn't like. I just said yes and kinda trailed but after thinking about, I saw that he was just on Facebook criticizing someones profile and being immature. But I, as a Blogger, am being mature by writing about my life to show the world who I am in a different way to Facebook or Myspace. I feel that Bloggers are more creative than myspacers or facebooker's and not as annoying. Oh well. Unfortunately, I am being taped into a Facebook world, and soon it will be mandatory for me to get on (school!). On the other hand, I will always have this blog.

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