Sunday, February 22, 2009


Okay, so today I went to New York City to see Coraline (which is an excellent movie by the way), but that wasn't the only thing I saw.
So me and my family decided to get some awesome take-out food and looked online to find a good place to eat. We found this place called Porchetta that was voted best take out in New York City in Time Magazine. I stupidly decided not to go in for some reason or another. After a while, my mom and I saw three people walking down the street, one of them was pretty tall and wore a light brown coat. When my sister came back she started to say she saw David Monks, the lead singer of Tokyo Police Club (one of my favorite bands). As soon as I realized the people walking down the street were in Tokyo Police Club, I started to freak out!!! I cannot believe I saw him with my own eyes and he was not on stage performing one of his songs!!!!!!
Ahhh, I love David Monks. He is the second famous person I have seen in New York. I also saw Prince Harry walking into a hotel once, being hounded by paparazzi (but his huge ears can stand out in any crowd), but that wasn't as exciting as this!
-Carbo Kid (AKA: person who loves and saw David Monks)
P.S. I have more proof that it was him cause he was wearing this coat when he walked into the restaurant.

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